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A cooler, portable ice chest, ice box, cool box,[1] chilly bin (in New Zealand), or 'esky' (Australia) most commonly is an insulated box used to keep food or drink cool. Ice cubes are most commonly placed in it to help the things inside stay cool. Ice packs are sometimes used, as they either contain the melting water inside, or have a gel sealed inside that stays cold longer than plain ice (absorbing heat as it changes phase).
Air Cooled Cooler
A device in which a fluid is cooled by ambient air; the fluid is separated from the air by finned tubes.

The air cooler is a multi-row fin-tube cross-countercurrent heat exchanger which includes a fan (or fans) for forcing the air through the heat exchanging surface. Fig. 2 shows,schematically,such an air cooler. The secondary coolant flows inside the tubes. Since the external surface temperature mostly will be lower than the dew point of the surrounding air, mass transfer will take place from air to air cooler surface. ht refrigeration applications this will be mostly in the forrn of frost formation. The frost layer thickness will be a function of time and since the frost layer affects the heat transfer rate and the air flow rate, the air cooler performance will be time dependent. The model is described in Infante Ferreira et al. [1994] so that here only some aspects will be discussed. For the air side the energy equation is solved for the control volume and energy transfer terms shown in fig. 3.

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