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My Time and Purpose Under Heaven!

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This is my season under heaven my time to grow, to struggle, to trust and to fight. This is my time to be born, to be born to be just Kisha not daughter, not sister, not wife, not mom. Those are roles I know how to play. I can resume those roles at a later date, but now it’s time to look into the mirror of my heart. It is time for me to put away the persistent little voice that says “you can not do it”. This is time to only worry about “what I can do”.

This is my time to plant the seeds of hope. I choose were to plant and I choose to rejoice in the harvest. This is my time to heal. This is my time for my family to heal. I will always embrace the power of healing. This is my time to tear down fear and walls of regret. I will clear the ground where they once stood and build new bridges that would shelter me from misfortune.

No more time for mourning or for weeping I will embrace my life. Now is my time to laugh and smile. I will welcome the humor and absurdity of everyday living. This is my time to dance gracefully. This is my time to see myself through my journal of my life. It is my time to ponder on the bits of memory that this writing process has surprised me with. People, places and feeling that had been long forgotten. This is my time to search my mind, my heart, my soul for the stories that need to be told.…...

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