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My Vacation in Malaysia

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Everybody loves holidays, because we can relax and enjoy time with our families without thinking of work. Some people love travelling around the world to see new places and to learn about different cultures, but I love spending my holiday at warm and sunny beach .My best holiday experience was spent at
Berjaya beach resort Langkawi Island in Malaysia.

Berjaya beach resort is located in Langkawi, Kedah, Malaysia. Langkawi
Island is one of the most beautiful islands in Malaysia. When we landed at Kedah airport, we took a cab to the jetty in Kuala Kedah then took a ferry to Langkawi
Island. We reached the Berjaya Langkawi Island after one hour of ferry ride. As soon as we reached the island, I was stunned by the beautiful scenic views that I only saw in picture. This beach resort is located in an attractive spot nestled between the rainforest and beach thus creating a tranquil hideaway. This island is delightful and peaceful, the air is fresh and cooling, beautiful coconut leaves moving in the air, on the blue sky is stunning to watch. This image makes me feel happy and relax after 20 hours of travel across the Pacific Ocean from United State of America.

We were brought to the rainforest chalet by the hotel shuttle car. The chalet has a traditional Malaysian –style look, is tucked away in 70 acres of lush tropical rainforest. This is a secluded retreat away from urban living. We saw green mountains on one side and beautiful white sand beaches on the other. The chalet is very spacious with a large balcony, a good size shower, and bath. I felt so tired and exhausted after a long journey I took a nap on this luxury king size bed. In my dream, I heard a various grunting and squeaking sound. I opened my eyes and saw few monkey and chipmunks landed on my balcony. My son was so excited with those wild...

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