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Metacognitive Essay From the time I signed up for Composition, I was terrified for what laid in front of me. I had heard horror stories from the grades above me that after awhile I actually started to believe. Since Composition is a college class, I was uncertain if I was going to be successful, but with the help of peer responses and an understanding teacher, for the first time in highschool, I am confident in my writing. The writing process is the biggest thing that helped me in Composition class. There was only one essay where I did not use the writing process and because of that, I didn’t write to my fullest potential. After that learning experience, I started each paper with an outline. My outline consisted of splitting my information into paragraphs and from there figuring out the best way to put my ideas into words. Once I had a finished outline, I checked with Mrs. Gelwicks to ensure my essay would succeed. After I received the go ahead, I began to write my body paragraphs first before even thinking about my introduction. The …show more content…
That means that the process analysis essay, the social commentary essay, and the definition essay, were a completely new territory for me. When the time came for the definition essay and the social commentary essay, I was overly excited. I had two topics—political correctness and welfare—that I loved discussing, but as I began to write about both of those papers I was introduced to properly citing sources. It had came as shock when I had realized that I had always been citing sources wrong. These papers quickly turned into my least favorite pieces of content. Even though they ended up causing me the most stress and unhappiness, I learned the most from these papers. If I wouldn’t have fixed this mistake when I did, I would be dealing with plagiarism somewhere much less

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My Writing Process Analysis

...When my writing, I aim to use formal words instead of slang; however when looking at writers diet review I can see that I can over use certain words such as verbs and adjectives. When writing academically, I always refrain from using the word you or any other personal reference. Writing in the third person, instead identifying to the reader the person or thing you are referring to (Grellier & Goerke, 2010). In my writing, a strength I find easy to avoid is abbreviation and contractions such as using the word example instead of eg (Grellier & Goerke, 2010) or cannot instead of can’t. Using informative adjectives such as effectively and fundamentally contributes to strengthening my formal writing. In my previous study periods, I have received feedback that my writing needs to be more formal. After revising using the communication skills toolkit (Grellier...

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...Luke Martino Writing 102 12/9/15 Writing 102 Portfolio Throughout this semester of Writing 102, I have been assigned to write four essays that have stressed the course competencies of subject matter knowledge, writing process knowledge, rhetorical knowledge, genre knowledge, discourse community knowledge, and meta-cognition. Through the process of drafting, editing, and revising three out of the four papers, I think I have been effectively able to absorb three of those course competencies; subject matter knowledge, rhetorical knowledge, and writing process knowledge. The first paper I was assigned to write for Writing 102 was a literacy narrative. For this paper, I was told to write about a past experience that helped influence my current writing and reading qualities. The core competencies that were involved in this essay were writing process knowledge and subject matter knowledge. I used writing process knowledge when I was told to generate ideas for my essay. I began by thinking of five possible ideas and from there I created a brainstorming web out of the two topics I thought would be the most interesting. Shortly after starting, I realized I could only build an effective brainstorming web from one idea. I decided to use the first time I forgot my lines in a play as my main idea for the essay. After I completed the brainstorming web and finished taking notes on what I remembered from the incident I started to follow the writing process that consisted of......

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