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uards. Also, the use of drugs is illegal inside the prison but it does keep the prisoners in a "temperate" state, that is "they don't bring the house down."

We proceeded down the "D" wing,( there were about five wings of cells in the prison), along the ground floor where we saw inmates refurbishing the wing. The guard pointed out that the prisoners were in a pocket money scheme where they earned two euro pocket money a day to buy refreshments in the prisons tuck-shop and if they worked on projects within the prison they would earn an extra fifty cent per day for work. They said the prisoners mainly need the money to buy drugs from outside the prison which were thrown "over the wall" in as small a package as a tennis ball or anything that could smuggle the drugs in. They sometimes smuggle the drugs in when the prisoners are visited by family by hiding the drugs in their "mouths and pass them when they kiss or in their child's diaper." They gave a very graphic and detailed description of the smuggling that goes on.

As we went down D wing, we were allowed into a prisoners cell which was very interestingly decorated. Inside we saw the "piss jar" and the cramped quarters that they put the prisoners into. They said it was about two or three to a cell that was about 10ft. by 10ft. and some prisoners had to sleep on floors or anywhere...

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