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Ranking of the biggest supermarket chains in Bulgaria

Undoubtedly some of the nation’s most familiar brands, Bulgarian supermarkets are frequently engaged in price wars against each other – particularly in these times of financial constraint – and in many of the nation’s most important debates on environmental and economic sustainability. Within this context, where product differentiation is also very difficult, the experience these supermarkets deliver to their customers goes a long way in determining which brands build and maintain public trust and hence secure successful futures.

It is a sector in which few big players dominate. Yet, it is a sector where rapid change is frequent. The recent entry of some new companies has demonstrated this. The phenomenal change in the food retailing landscape over the last ten years clearly shows that consumers are more than happy to change brands. That change is not just based on price, but price combined with customer experience.

It’s Service Checkers time
Following the continuously growing interest in service quality offered by large self-service grocer’s shops, INTERNATIONAL SERVICE CHECK decided to carry out a wide survey covering 8 market chains, in 8 Bulgarian cities, conducting 32 checks. The survey lasted since April 12th until April 24th, 2012.

For the purposes of this research we did separation of the companies on the basis of their format as follows: outlets which can offer a service by an employee to the client we have called Supermarkets, and on the other hand outlets that rely totally on self-service we have called Discounters. All other similarities of these names with their scientific or commercial definitions are coincidental.

|Supermarkets: |Discounters: |
| |…...

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