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Mystery is defined as something that is a secret, something where there is no clear explanation, something difficult to understand or explain or something unexplainable or unsolvable. Some of the example of mysteries are the location of your Christmas presents, whether there is proof that God exists., how exactly people came to be., a situation where it is unclear who committed a crime. And so on. In the content will explain the importance of mystery, how to write good mystery story and
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The following paragraph contains information about how to write a good mystery stories:
Write out the plot of the story. If you have more than one plot at first, don't worry about it. Choose one like the best and go with it and put the others aside for later. Include a red herring. This is when you make it appear that one of your suspects is the criminal when it was actually somebody else. You must also make your readers believe it was the red herring who did it, until it has been made clear who the real criminal was. (Note: Many people think a red herring is a misleading clue. This might not be right.). Secret codes and languages can provide an interesting addition to your tale, especially if you develop a special language for some of the characters. Think of some good main characters. You don't need a lot of characters--sometimes just two or three works well. Try to develop distinct personalities. Write the first draft and it is just to get all other thoughts in an orderly place and put some structure into your mystery. Make the ending believable and don't leave any loose ends. The readers will not be happy with an unfinished story, unless it is a cliffhanger and you intend to create a sequel.
Some of the Characteristics of Good Mystery are Plot and characters are very important in both mysteries written for young adults and the adult mysteries that adolescents read. In true young adult mysteries, the protagonist is usually an adolescent who assumes the role of the amateur sleuth, sometimes following in the footsteps of a parent or adult friend who is a P. I. or police officer. The characters should be engaging, interesting, and multidimensional; and most of them, with the exception of the protagonist, could be the murderer or perpetrator of the crime. The plot usually begins with action, intrigue, or suspense to hook the reader. Then, through a series of clues, the protagonist eventually solves the mystery, sometimes placing himself or herself in jeopardy by facing real or perceived danger.
All information in the plot (clues) could be important in solving the case, yet in some cases, the author presents misleading information (a red herring) to challenge the reader and the detective. With foreshadowing often used to heighten the suspense, there usually will be several motives for the crime, lots of plot twists, and plenty of alibis that must be investigated. The solution to the crime must come from known information, not a surprise villain introduced in the last chapter of the book; however, the clues must be cleverly planted so that the mystery is not solved too easily or too soon. In a suspense novel, the setting often becomes very important with violent storms, a deserted island, an abandoned mine, or a spooky old house playing an important role.

Like anything in life, good things happen to those who work hard for them. While good mystery takes time to write or read than a novel, that doesn’t mean that he or she can sacrifice storytelling ability either. Some mysteries are believable and some are unbelievable whatever it is every good mystery contains at least one moral or good things. We take the good morals from the stories make our life happy and enjoy to read all good mysteries.

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