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1. The first scene I choose is Jimmy Markum in the morgue viewing Katie’s body. The song I choose for this scene is “If I Die Young” by The Band Perry as functional music. This song fits the scene because it references dying young. 2. The second scene I choose is Dave telling his wife about vampires and wolves. He asks her does she think he killed Katie. The song I choose for this scene is “She Wolf” by David Guetta as functional music. This song relates to the scene because it is about falling in to pieces. 3. The third scene I choose is Brendan talking to his brother in the kitchen asking him does he love him. The song I choose for this scene is “The Art of Dreaming” by Russell Harris as functional music. This song fits the scene because it is suspenseful and dramatic. 4. The fourth scene I choose is Dave standing outside by the bay talking to Jimmy Markum about who he killed. The song I choose for this scene is “You Ruin Me” by The Veronicas as functional music. This song fits the scene because Jimmy Markum received the confession he wanted and ruined Dave. 5. The fifth scene I choose is Dave and the Savage brothers in the bar drinking before Jimmy arrives. The song I choose for this scene is “Strange Fruit” by Billie Holiday as source music from the jukebox. I choose this song because I feel that it leads up into Jimmy Markum arriving. 6. The sixth scene I choose is the cops entering the room while Ray Jr.’s Friend has a gun drawn on Brendan Harris. The song I choose for this scene is “You Really Got Me” by Van Halen as functional. I choose this song because they caught Katie’s killer in this scene and saved Brendan.

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