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Supply Chain Operations Excellence Trainee

ITC and Schlumberger

Program- BTECH

CPI: 8.8 Volunteer in Ritambhara, participated in 2-3 robotics events etc.

- When it came to resume building, I mentioned my internship (which was in Samsung), projects I did and the co-curricular activities - I was confident about my aptitude and was focussing mainly core and analytics. - I didn’t prepare for GD but finally had to give GD in Coca Cola, ITC and Schlumberger. So you can never be too sure of what comes your way during the placements.

- I started my placement journey by getting shortlisted in Capital One on Day 1. They shortlisted 125 candidates on the basis of resume. Then they took a case study interview and reduced the number to 30. Then again took an aptitude test but finally didn’t give offer to anyone. - Then came Coca Cola on Day 2. They organised GD in the groups of ten each and then there was a single interview of about half an hour which mainly consisted of HR based questions. The topic of the GD was “Are Engineering students wasting time in studies ?”. The interview mainly focussed on the commitment to work with them and asked whether I did any activity depicting leadership skills. - Coca Cola shortlisted candidates with medium profile like moderate CPI with few extracurrecs. I had a target of gettng placed in Qualcomm from second year itself. It came on Day 2 and I got a call from Qualcomm in the middle of the interview of Coca Cola so I could not take their call. Immediately after this I went for the Qualcomm interview but they were not happy and asked me to leave without much interrogation. The results of Day 2 came and I got placed in Coca Cola.


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