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Ameya talole
1) What did you learn from this negotiation process?
Today’s case study was based on the single negotiation with multiple issues which has included the family issues. Two brothers named George and Ron they were negotiating on the time sharing of their father summer house. And also they were negotiating on father’s personal effects such as stamp collection, ring, pocket watch, bonzo (dog), and club membership As per today’s negotiation I learn how to get into negation if it has multiple issues * Analyse the negotiation space * Don't try to beat the other side * Identify the issues and outcomes. * Avoid single-issue negotiations: identify and negotiate multiple issues simultaneously * Develop a rating system to assess the importance of each of
The issues and outcomes * Understand the other party's interests, constraints, and perspective * Negotiate over interests, not positions * Calculate the value of your Best Alternative to No Agreement
(BATNA) and alternatives. * Test outcomes using the rating system.

What would you have done differently?
In this case I was playing role of Ron the elder brother so as per time sharing of the house I decided to split the weeks of the summer season for both the families as both preferred the same time.
And the other issue was maintenance of house so we decided to open join account contribute 500$ each month and to pay the maintenance and electricity bill from that joint account. Moreover as my financial condition was week so George suggested that he will pay this 500$ from teddy’s (Ron’s son) account which has opened by our father.
For the personal things of the father we both negotiated and concluded that I will keep the stamp collection, bonzo and club card other things ring and pocket watch will be with George.
But as per one condition that I won’t sell the stamp...

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