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According to Surrogacy Arrangements Act 1985 Chapter 49, the “surrogate mother” which means a woman who carries a child in pursuance of an agreement can either contribute her genetic material as well as her womb, her uterus, or she can contribute her uterus . There are two main types of surrogacy , gestational surrogacy and traditional surrogacy . Additionally, if the surrogate mother receives compensation beyond the reimbursement of medical and other reasonable expenses, the arrangement is called commercial surrogacy. There are three parties who use surrogacy, mothers who have other issues with their bodies that inhibit infertility, homosexuals and parents who are infertile . Surrogate parenting is highly controversial by its very nature. Nevertheless, surrogate parenting is attracting wide spread attention as a viable alternative for infertile couples intent on having a child. Thus, surrogacy should be prohibited worldwide to prevent from exploitation of women, a form of child trafficking, violates the relationships between families and surrogates face difficult emotional and psychological issues .

However, there are cases that support surrogacy. Sam Everingham is the founder of Surrogacy Australia and has children who were born through surrogacy. More than a thousand infants born via surrogacy entered our country legally last year, many of them from India. Yet based on the actions of a few selfish Australian couples, six months ago India effectively blackballed citizens of just one country ,Australia , from engaging in surrogacy within its borders. Furthermore, in the US, where ethical...

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