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Naked Economics

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1.) One main point the Author argues is the rhetorical question, “Who feeds Paris?” He is trying to explain how the modern economy works, which is all about the prices. The Author uses the example if Patrons start ordering more of the sashimi appetizer, the restaurateur will notice the popularity and place a larger order with his fish wholesaler. The new popularity and demand of the fish will in turn make the wholesale price to go up. As a result, the fisherman will be paid more for their catch of the more popular fish. One very important assumption the Author makes is that individuals act to make themselves as well off as possible. Individuals seek to maximize their own utility. My understanding is people do whatever gives them satisfaction. In turn, it influences people’s decisions. Another powerful assumption made by the Author was that firms try to make as much money as possible. Firms take inputs and combine them in a way that adds valve. The Author used the example of Brad Pitt, trying to show a powerful feature of a market economy that directs resources to their most productive. The Author asked “Why doesn’t Brad Pitt sell automobile insurance?” Because Brad Pitt would make more money in Hollywood then selling insurance policies. One more main point is made with the discussion of the term “price discrimination.” I believe “price discrimination” is a genius idea. Selling the same item at different prices to different people. Why would firms do that? Consumers try to make themselves as well off as possible and firms try to maximize profits. Simple concepts. 2.) Incentives are important because it was induces action or motivates effort. Incentives determine human action and therefore economic outcomes. I think without incentives we wouldn’t know what does and does not work for our society. The author uses...

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Naked Economics

...Chapter 1 – The Power of Markets: Who Feeds Paris A sound description of economics requires an outline of the troika: what to produce, how to produce it, and for whom to produce it. This troika will serve the analysis of both international and domestic trade, which Wheelan addresses further along in the text. Why is the troika a problem? Scarcity: a condition that exists when current resources are inadequate to provide for all the people’s wants. It is in the context of scarcity that these three questions become urgent. The market is the arbiter and answerer. There are competing theories of markets (pun intended) that answer the what, how, and for whom. Charles Wheelan, in this opening chapter/salvo, discusses the reasonableness of a price system, whereby price—the neon billboard—“dictates” the movements of goods and services. Price is a summary of market conditions. It informs both producers and consumers. Without this information, estimates of cost, of expected returns, of distribution, of budget, etc. are distorted. Allocation by price is contrasted against cronyism and a first-come-first-serve breadline. In the former, inefficiency is guaranteed (or your money kept). In the latter, inefficiency is also guaranteed. Inefficiency, as it is used here, is a euphemism for deprivation. Yes, the troika is a cruel mistress when mismanaged. A price allocative system, according to Wheelan, reaches nearest Pareto Efficiency. The Law of Supply and Demand is covered with an...

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...READ: Naked Economics: Undressing the Dismal Science, Charles Wheeland, W.W. Norton, 2003. Completely- cover to cover. Directions: Create a time management plan for your reading schedule to ensure you have ample time to read the book. Set due dates for each chapter and each part of the assignment. Review your schedule with a parent or guardian. Expectations: Work must be typed, 12 point font, double-spaced. Label each section appropriately with each number. Please check your work for complete sentences and grammatical errors. The answer for each section should be about a half to full page. Due Date: The first day of the semester. No points will be awarded for late work. Be prepared to participate in a class discussion on the first day of school. Questions: 1. Chapter one: In a paragraph, summarize the main points of chapter one. Note that simply listing the bolded statements will get you zero points. There are key ideas and assumptions in this chapter. 2. Chapter two: Explain why incentives matter. What you think about the author’s ideas on black rhino conservation? Explain what perverse incentives are and give examples from a high school student’s life. 3. Chapter three: Summarize this chapter in 1-2 paragraphs. Why might government regulations and lawyers be a good thing? Include specific examples. 4. Chapter four: Summarize this chapter in one paragraph. Include specific examples of government involvement as needed. In another paragraph, be sure to discuss...

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...5. What is capitalism? Capitalism is an economic and political system in which a country’s trade and industry are controlled by private owners for profit, rather than by the state. Critical Thinking Questions 1. How do your financial choices impact the economy? Trace the impact of your financial decisions. My financial choices impact the economy because if I buy clothes and groceries, it gets more money for the economy. 2. What are some of the advantages and disadvantages to a market economy? Advantages of a market economy: The market gives producers an incentive to produce goods that consumers want, the market provides an incentive to acquire useful skills, the price system encourages producers and consumers to conserve scarce resources, competition pushes businesses to be efficient: keeping costs down and production high, and the market system involves a high degree of economic freedom. Disadvantages of a market...

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...model. The result holds for daily data over an extended period as well as for intraday data over various time spans. In contrast to other recent studies, we use American Depository Receipts as the controls in a difference-in-difference analysis encompassing all banned non-U.S. shares with corresponding depository receipts listed in the United States. Furthermore, we find that bans on covered short sales generally succeeded in lowering volatility. Banning short selling is not good policy in normal times, but our findings indicate that such bans might prove useful in (temporarily) stemming liquidity loss during crises. 1 2 Department of Finance, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. Department of Economics, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland. We thank without implicating Hülya Eraslan, Thomas Gehrig, and Jonathan Wright as well as participants at the FRIAS-Bundesbank workshop of March, 2010, for comments on a previous draft. Fohlin acknowledges financial support from the National Science Foundation. Electronic copy available at: Introduction Short sellers often prove to be an easy scapegoat during times of financial crisis. During the Great Depression Herbert Hoover began a “crusade against short selling” that included asking exchanges to limit the number of shares available to short sellers (Geisst 1997). During...

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