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Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang

The movie based on Nurse Matilda books by Christianna Brand was set in Buckinghamshire, Hascombe, and University of London and in London’s roads. The setting indicates that the story happened during the World War II. It was in a farm where a simple family lived. The father was away at war so the mother of three Green children has to keep the farm while she ran a job in the village shop. The overall atmosphere of the setting was cheerful. It was a family movie that is why most of the scenes were happy. There were no symbolic elements in the scenery because the main focuses of the story were the characters and the lessons of Nanny McPhee. Given the storyline of the movie, the actors and the actresses conveyed their roles well especially Emma Thompson who played Nanny McPhee. She looked wicked in her first appearance but behind that was a kind, good-natured lady. She was very good in controlling her emotion. I also liked Oscar Steer who played as Vincent Green. He was a cute little boy. Despite his age he was excellent in acting. He acts natural like he was just playing around. Eros Vlahos suits his role as a spoiled brat. He exhibited real emotions of a rich kid who seeks attention and a real friend to his cousin, Norman Green. He was Cyril Gray in the movie. The characters relate to each other. They express their lines well and put themselves into the roles that they have. There was the emotion, the attitudes, and the appropriate actions to their characters. I have no unpleasant reaction about their acting. Since the movie was a sequel and was based on books I think the directors had made a great interpretation with the movie. I believe they produced the film marvelously because it because it became a real hit. The rhythm of the production was right until the last part. It went smoothly. The actors can be seen in any side of the screen. They move according to the necessity of their roles. The lighting was also well directed. It conveyed brightness of the scene of the characters. There was a scene where the lighting was dim. It was when Nanny McPhee arrived. It was a stormy night and the lightings made it scarier. Although because of it the characters were not that visible it strengthened the impact of the scene. The story was a non-realistic fiction but the lightings used suits the scenes, it was realistic. Except for the extraordinary pigs that made a show of synchronized swimming, Nanny McPhee and the putty-eating bird, Mr. Edelweiss, were unrealistic characters in the movie. I think Nanny McPhee’s character symbolizes discipline. She was a model for parents who have naughty children. They have to discipline their children in an early age and in an authoritative but loving way. She has given moral lessons with a touch of some magic. The Green and Gray children changed because of her. Other main characters include Isabel Green (Maggie Gyllenhaal) was the harried mother of Norman, Megsie, and Vincent Green. She needed the aid of Nanny McPhee. Norman Green (Asa Butterfield) was the eldest of the Green children. He was taken in charge of the farm by his father while he went to war. He became friends with Cyril. Megsie Green (Lil Woods), the responsible, independent tomboy who became friends with Celia. Vincent Green (Oscar Steer) was the youngest of the Green children. He loves all the animals in the farm. Cyril Gray (Eros Vlahos) was the spoiled cousin of Norman, Megsie, and Vincent. He became kind throughout the film and makes friends with Norman. He helped prove that Mr. Green was alive. He attended cadet school. Celia Gray (Rosie Taylor-Ritson), the other spoiled cousin of Norman, Megsie, and Vincent. She also became kinder throughout the film and made friends with Megsie. Agatha “Aggie” Docherty was the owner of the shop at which Mrs. Green worked. She was a baby Aggie from the first film. She talked with nanny McPhee before she left. Mr. Algemon Docherty (Sam Kelly), Mrs.Dochgerty’s husband, who was an officer. The minor characters were Phil Green (Rhys ifans), the Green children’s uncle who tried to sell the farm because he gambled it away at a casino. Rory Green (Ewan McGregor), father of the Greens, away fighting in World War II. Lord Gray (Ralph Fiennes), Isabel’s older brother and Cyril and Celia’s father who was high up in the War Office. Miss Topsey (Sinead Matthews), the pretty mischievous woman who works for Mr., Biggles, the woman who owns the casino that Phil gambled the farm away at. Miss Turvey (Katy Brand) was the obese colleague of Miss Topsey. Farmer MacRedie (Bill Bailey) was the farmer who bought the piglet from the Greens. Sergeant Ralph Jeffreys (NonsoAnozie), the guard at the War Office, who trained with Nanny McPhee. Blenkinshop (Daniel Mays), Cyril and Celia’s chauffer. Lieutenant Addis (Ed Stoppard), a coworker of Lord Gray. The enemy pilot (Toby Sedgwick) was the pilot with the cold who causes a bomb to drop in the Greens’ barley field. The movie was produced in colord and has wonderful animations. It was futuristic. The shots were beautifully taken. The camera angles were in the right places where it can capture the all the actors actions and facial expressions. The lightings enhanced the moods that the characters portray. This was assisted by the musical scoring. They were well picked. It helped in communicating the emotions to the audience. Dramatic music was played in unhappy situations, there were thunders in the stormy weather, the booing of the jet, and of course jolly music was played for fun or delightful scenes. I really enjoyed watching the movie. It was made for children but adults would also be interested with it. It teaches a great deal of lessons of courage, kindness, and faith. People can easily relate to this. Magic does not happen in reality but the magic of love is absolutely real. We should be courageous in fighting for what is right and true. We should be kind to others as much as we could even if they do bad things to us. Lastly, we should never lose our faith. Our faith helps us get through the day. Whatever happens we should always think that in the end everything will be alright and it all happens for the best. Just like what Nanny McPhee said “When you need me, but do not want me, I must stay. When you want me, but no longer need me, then I have to go” not all what we want must stay. God gives us what we need but sometimes we take it for granted and think only of what we want. When we realize that we had what we need we start to want it too. It is just a matter of realization and appreciation of what we already have.

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