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RoseEllen Shultz Super Nanny Assignment Parent and Child Relations February 29, 2016 Season 3 Episode 15 August 6, 2007 Amouri Family

Tamara is a 31 year old stay at home mom and Michael is a 30 year old dad who runs a family business. They have four children; 4-year-old Hailey, 2-year-old twins Jianni and Julian, and 1-year-old Ashton. Tamara spends most of her day cleaning her house to the exclusion of watching the children, Hailey is stubborn, bossy and listens to inappropriate music on her mom’s mp3 player, Jianni and Julian spend most of the day doing what they want to do, Ashton crawls around unattended and plays with dangerous things in the house like unprotected plugs. While mom is focused on cleaning the house, the children leave the house and run around outside and will go to the neighbors houses. Michael often leaves the house for work and is gone most of the day and early evening.
Jo, nanny, talked to Tamara about spending more time with the children and less time cleaning. She had Tamara get down to the children’s level and showed her the dangers in the house. She showed Tamara about unprotected plugs, unlocked cabinets and door knob covers for the doors. She also talked about appropriate music for her 4 year old daughter and encouraged her to support her daughter’s love of music with more age appropriate music. Jo worked with Michael in prioritizing his life. She shows him that he is neglecting his family in favor of work. Jo supported Michael in being direct with the children and not asking the children questions. At dinner time, following Jo’s suggestions, Michael was able to get the children to sit down at dinner and have a relaxing dinner.
Using what Jo taught her Tamara deleted her mp3 player and downloaded age appropriate music in order to support her daughter’s love of music. She also spends more time playing and teaching her children...

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