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Detailed Lesson Plan I. Objectives: within the given session, the students are expected to: * Identify the steps in different napkin folds * Perform napkin folds within a given range of time * Appreciate the importance of napkin folding in the industry. II. Subject Matter : Table Napkin Folding
References: Technology and livelihood Education 4 textbook ,pp. 140-190
Basto,j.,2014. Retrieved from on july 30, 2015
Materials: Table napkin , video clip , printed materials
Strategy: cooperative learning, Demonstration III. Procedures
Teacher’s Activity | Student’s Activity | A. Preparatory activities 1. Warm-up/Drill a. Prayer b. Checking of Attendance-Good morning class. How Are you today? Who is absent? c. Action song/ Ice breaker * Before we start our lesson for today, let us have an action song entitled “ Act as what I’ve say” 2. ReviewClass, what was our lesson last meeting? Very good! What are the diff. types of table setting? Give her 3 claps. Give a keyword to identify the types of table settings.Ok. Good. I’m glad that you had mastered our previous lesson. Give Yourselves a round of applause . 3. MotivationAll, stand up. I want you to imagine that you’re in a five star hotel, sitting in one of their VIP tables. Now, observe their preparation and enjoy their service. What can you found in the table? How do they arrange the utensils?What are the table napkin folds they use that are familiar to you? B. Developmental Activities 1. PresentationThis morning, we are going to discuss all about the Table napkin folding. 2. Lesson ProperClass, I will Group you into six. This will be the group 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. I have here some strips / photocopied materials containing samples of napkin folds. All you have to do is to discuss what is on the photocopy while I am...

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