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There is so much more in Friendship

Sometimes in life, you find a special friend. Someone who changes your life by being a part of it. Someone who makes you believe that there is really good in the world. Somebody we can trust with our secrets. Though we are not related by birth, but we are related by our souls. But how long can I trust her? How can I be sure that things will never change? This is a story about me and my sister. I mean my non biological sister. We came from different blood, different mom and dad. Yet we consider each other as a sister. We’ve been sisters for almost 16 years. We lived in the same place. We go to the same school, we enrolled in the same sections. I know her well. I know
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I was wondering what he was doing outside my classroom. “Hi Chris, are you lost? What are you doing here?” I asked. He smiled. My heart is pounding and shouting. My cheeks are blushing. “Nope. I was here loooking for you.” He answered. I was shocked. “What? Looking for me? Why?” I replied. I’m so confused. “No nothing, relax. Here read this, and think about it Faye. I’m willing to wait.” I smiled and then go. When I was reading his letter he asked me if he could have a chance. After 3 months, I finally gave my yes to Christopher. Days, weeks, and months passed by. I and Christopher we’re so close to each other . One day, unexpectedly I started hearing rumors, and gossips about my man and my sister. Many of my friends told me. Yet I refuse to listen to them beacuse I know my sister very well and I know she wouldn’t done that. But I was wrong, I saw them. I can’t believe it. I regret not believing my friends. I regret trusting my sister knowing that she will just betray me in the end. It broke me, it tore me down. I’m hurt not because of my man. I’m hurt because my sister betrayed me just for a guy. She didn’t value our friendship. She broke my trust. She broke everything we

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