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1. Suppose you are Sales Manager (priority banking) in a Bank which deals with key account holders explain how you will?
a. Recruit sales force
b. Prepare the Job Description and Specification
c. Design training program for them. (Marks 15)

2. Suppose you are Sales Manager in life insurance Company, managing team of fifteen sales executives. How you will use sales force automation to improve efficiency and effectiveness of sales operation? (Marks 15)

Corporate Finance

1. Suppose, a prospective client who wants to invest certain amount of money comes to you but does not know anything about ‘Time Value of Money’. So, please explain to the person the concept of ‘Time Value of Money’ in detail.

2. A limited company is considering investing a project requiring a capital outlay of Rs. 2, 00,000. Forecast for annual income after depreciation but before tax is as follows :

Year | Rs. | 1 | 1,00,000 | 2 | 1,00,000 | 3 | 80,000 | 4 | 80,000 | 5 | 40,000 |

Depreciation may be taken as 20% on original cost taxation at 50% of net income. You are required to evaluate the project according to each of the following methods:

a) Pay back method
b) Rate of return on original investment method
c) Rate of return on average investment method
d) Discounted cash flow method taking cost of capital as 10%

Project Management

Q1. ABC corp. decides to implement a software that helps to automate its business processes. In order to achieve this, the management plans to implement an enterprise wide system that gives a real time scenario of the organization. As a project manager overlooking…...

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