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National Association for Mental Illness

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The closest NAMI chapter is about twenty minutes north of Longview, which is where I reside. The chapter is called cascade mental health care and is located at 2428 West Reynolds Ave. Chehalis, WA 98532. The clinical director of this facility is Matt Patten. The mission of Cascade Mental Health Care is to provide our clients with compassionate and encouraging counseling leading to a renewed sense of hope and the ability to make positive changes and live more satisfying lives. They provide medical services, crisis/emergency services, outpatient therapy,chemical dependency programs, community support services, and child and Adolescent programs and modified assertive community treatment(NAMI, 2015).
I watched a ted like talk on the NAMI site, the video was labeled Mary. Mary Giliberti is the Executive Director of NAMI. Mary talked about the importance of kindness and compassion in every life situation even when it is hard. She gave example of a mentally ill patient coming into the emergency room that was anxious and stated that there are a lot of people in the room and he felt uncomfortable. In one situation the staff continued on with their job and ignored the patient, this is when the patient spirals out of control. When we you use kindness and compassion in this situation the nurse asks everyone to leave besides one other and explains the procedures and line of events that will be taking place while he is in the emergency room. The patient then reacts in a calmly manner in response to the nurse using kindness and compassion. The patient states that the situation was much more calm and he felt less anxious once the procedures was explained and there weren’t multiple people in the room performing said number of tasks. Mary also stated that only 15% of police department teach crisis intervention, with the growing number of mental illnesses the police department...

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