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Today’s National Guard Alan Wilder COM/150 15 March 2012 Jennifer Hutchinson

Everyone seeks to improve their own way of life and strive to provide for their own future. Through the National Guard one can find those answers that they seek. These improvements either they be educational, trade skills, or just to improve one’s mind and body can be found here. These military intuitions, such as the Army National Guard, could give these things to many and bring out the best in those who wish to reach for those goals in life. Only through these personal sacrifices and sheer dedication can they achieve their own personal goals in life. The National Guard has provided that for all those who wish to explore and challenge themselves in that way. It is a wonderful opportunity for those who make this decision to show their true merit and leadership capabilities. The National Guard has provided this service for many generations and will continue to do so as long as people wish to do so. The benefits of today’s National Guard contribute to improving guardsmen’s everyday life and personal growth in today’s society. In early colonial times, a need for protection and security for the town and families was sought. The country was new and enemies were numerous. The National Guards roots date back to 1636 when colonial Militia, made up of ordinary citizen, would put down their plows and pick up their...

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...Memo To: Recipient’s Name, Recipient’s Title Department of Defense Army National Guard From: Your Name, Your TitleSGT Jameka Samuel (Automated Logistic Specialist) CC: National Guard Bureau Name and title of individuals you want to copy in on your correspondence; if there are no courtesy copies, leave this line off Date: The date you are sending the memo19 June 2014 Subject: A clear subject line reflecting the focus of your document In need of a sponsor for writing course As we all know in the military being leader depends on your ability to think critically and creatively and to communicate your intention and decision to others. The ability to communicate clearly to get your intent and ideas across so that others understand your message and act on it is one of the primary qualities of leadership. Poor writing and communication in the military is mostly attributed to lack of proper training, lack of confidence and lack of leadership. Taking a soldier out onto the battlefield with a poor communicator could lead to potential deaths of inanest soldiers. With that being said this this is an opportunity to help a striving soldier to become a better leader in the military world by requesting to take a Business Writing Course at Kaplan University in Jacksonville Florida . The cost of the course is $1300.00 which includes all books and necessary course materials. The course will take place over a 6 week time period beginning......

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