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Assess the influence of a recent national policy initiative promoting anti discriminatory practice

Every Child Matters (2003)
The national policy initiative that I’m going to assess is Every Child Matters (2003). The important point of this national initiative is extending in services to improve children’s life and help them with life problems. This policy focuses the needs for services, including schools and social workers and health professionals to work more closely to protect and support the need and rights of all children.
Eight years old Victoria Climbie died from Hypothermia after months of abuse at the hands of her foster- carer and great aunt and her partner Carl John Manning. Victoria visited health and social care settings many times during her being abused and she was complete discharged whit no members of staff questioning her marks on her arms and legs and how she broke her leg. Also due to her race she had dark skin colour and therefor bruising was not as apparent. The poor 8 year old went through complete torture and abuse for many years of her life and the health and social care services failed her so many times. Following Victoria’s death, the Home Office and the Department of Health invited Lord Laming who is very well known to work with social services and child protection came to a deduction that there had been to many deaths of young children who have suffered abuse and been neglected by the health and social care services.

The Act Every Child Matters Policy (2003) was formed through lord lammings enquiries and was closely related to the Children’s Act (2004). Through lord lamming this policy and legislation are able to protect children like Vitoria Climbie. Every Child Matters Policy (2003) promotes anti discriminatory practice in many ways but the five main aspects are the: healthiness, Stay safe, Enjoy and Achieve, Make a

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