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National Security Should Be More Important

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National Security Should Be More Important

Enemy of the state depicts an evil NSA team conducting illegal surveillance on a labor lawyer Robert, who was supposed to have a videotape of a politically motivated murder. Robert’s life was peaceful and happy until he suddenly met his college friend Zavitz in a shop, who passed the videotape secretly to him. Ever since that moment, Robert’s life was turned upside down. A special team in NSA soon discovered that he might have the videotape, and then the team raided his house and planted surveillance devices in order to find the videotape. His every movement was tracked and every word was tapped, which destroyed Robert’s life: he was fired from his work, his bank accounts were frozen, his wife threw him out of home since photos about his meeting former girlfriend were sent to his wife. After stumbling around for a bit trying to figure out what's happening to him, Robert turned to Brill for help, who turns out be an ex-NSA agent and who was responsible for inventing some of the surveillance devices. Together, they fought the NSA using the same techniques used against them, and finally Robert got rid of all his accusation and went back to his peaceful life again.

Although the plot of the movie might look like a little Hollywood style, the surveillance tools feathered in the movie, such as, phone wiretapping, Global Positioning System, voice and face recognition system, and some much advanced ones, are generally in use today. Apparently, the movie puts strong criticism on the abuse of such surveillance tools. It also warms us the potential threats to our privacy by unwarranted investigation under the disguise of national security purpose.

Actually, protecting national security and respecting individual’s privacy are two goals we all want to achieve today. However, since 9/11, the government implemented more tools to...

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