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Native American Literature

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Native American Literature
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“Pocahontas to Her English Husband”, tone was convincing that Pocahontas felt proud that she was able to save her husband life, but the reader seen a level of resentment for the many times that she was able to save her husband. The reader can sense a thing of anger in the beginning. “And how many times did I pluck you / from certain death in the wilderness / my world through which you stumbled as though blind”, (“Allen” 4-7). This displays a tone of maternal disregard and irritation of a younger individual who cannot take control of their own actions. The theme for “Pocahontas to Her English Husband” is love but it is described in a different way. She tends to portray a more pity type of love than affectionate and romantic way. Pocahontas has a way to display a very kind hearted personality because she is willing to show her support to help John. “Had I not cradled you in my arms / oh beloved perfidious one, / you would have died” (“Allen” 1-3). The tone for “Taking a Visitor to See the Ruins” was dull without my life behind the words but humor. “His eyes grew large, and then he laughed / looking shocked at the two women he’d just met. Silent for a second, they laughed too” (“Allen” 28-30). The theme is happiness and laughter even after he realized that his friend was playing a joke on him he took that great moment and continued on. “ And he’s still telling the tale of the old / Indian ruins he visited in New Mexico, / the two who still live pueblo style in high-security dwelling / way up there where the enemy can’t reach them / just like golden times” (“Allen” 31-35). The tone for “ Dear John Wayne”, seems very sour, it seem that the character John Wayne is viewed as a item of central society and states that the face is “a thick cloud of vengeance, pitted / like the land that was once flesh. Every rut, / every scar makes a promise” (“Erdrich” 19-21). The theme is the social divide that was not fair between different groups. Erdrich puts much emotion into the words. Each poem displays a strong emotion to the topic whether it was happy, sad, or in between just by reading it people have the ability to see the emotions and real life feelings behind the words. They also use real life events that people can relate to in order to better understand them. The thing that is different is the way the stories are the tones and the themes as well as the storyline.
“The Yellow Woman” is referred as a young woman who has a brief romantic escapade with an attractive man. The yellow woman is confused about who she really is after being with Silva for some time. Silva is the guy in the story that she having this affair with while her family is at home. Ka’tsina is a mountain spirit that is surrounded with an old myth known within the Native American tradition. Story telling was a thing that many Native American traditions practiced for many years so they used this method to transfer all knowledge and culture from one generation to the next that comes. Momaday discussed the blend of classical Native American mythology and his own personal experiences in a very effective story telling way. Momaday used a lot of personal experiences with the way that he describes his grandmother. “I see my grandmother in the several postures that were peculiar to her: standing at the wood stove on a winter morning and turning meat in a great iron skillet: sitting at the south window, bent above her beadwork, and afterwards, when her vision failed, looking down for a long time into the fold of her hands; going out upon a cane, very slowly as she did when the weight of age came upon her; praying .” (Momaday, S. 1969, para. 12). Looking back at the selected works as a whole I noticed that the common theme that runs through all is culture. Each story refers to the Native American culture and their belief and history is relayed in many ways. “The Way to Rainy Mountain” refers to the Kiowas tribe and the history that revolves around them. “Pocahontas to Her English Husband” refers to the Pueblo tribal myths and the culture that surrounds it. “Taking visitors to See the Ruins” refers to the old Indian ruins and people. “Dear John Wayne”, goes into detail about Native American culture history and modern day activities. “The Way to Rainy Mountain” brings into play the pieces of Kiowa history. “Yellow Woman” talks about history and myths from storytelling. All the stories display some type of realism and fantasy that connects with a personal touch of reality that we can all connect to in some way.

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