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Tony Ponce de Leon
Nature: A Place to Meet Your Senses Nature is, by itself, a quiet and unenlightening place, but with the a better and different mindset, nature can become something more. One must make himself vulnerable to all of the living organisms around. By opening up all of one’s senses, a deeper understanding of the uniqueness can be observed. Spending as little as ten minutes or as much as ten hours in a secluded, distant location in the forest can be beneficial for the person spending their time open to nature. For instance, I had a forty-five minute appointment with nature that unveiled more about the mystery behind nature and the way one’s senses operate. When spending time in nature, usually the first and primary response humans have to it is sight. Sight can answer many questions, but still leaves a great amount left to the other senses: touch, taste, smell, and hearing. Encompassing all five senses can heighten one’s experience in nature and overall opinion on nature. I spent a time outside of my school with my English class; the entire event was very interesting. When I first walked outside I noticed the glaring, bright sun up above the earth almost instantly; squinting was almost necessary on a bright, sunny day similar to this one. The rays of the sun lightly warmed my face and the rest of my body, all while lighting up the entire surface of the world. As I turned away from the sun, I noticed the tall, monumental trees around me. They gave out a towering feeling and made me have a feeling of smallness. I then reached out to touch the trees, themselves. Some trees even have a shaggy hanging look as if they were an old man’s bearded face. Another noticeable feature of the outside habitat is the view of sizable dust particles flying through the air. I noticed the sharp, contrasting differences of the soft looking, green grass as compared to the...

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