Nature of Thought Paper

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Nature of Thought Paper
Sennet Perkins
October 4, 2010
Leigh Clemons

Is thinking a necessity in dealing with or handling issues on a daily basis? Every day we are faced with situations that will requires us to think on different levels. Thinking is a very imperative method of how an individual’s thoughts when being read by someone else can generate a comprehensible concept. In this paper, I will explain some of the perceptual blocks that have some bearing on my views and how I reply to it.
The sensing process is a very significant part to the process of thinking. It would be very hard for an individual to think without using this process. Being able to hear, smell, touch, taste and see different things in our surroundings allows us to have multiple thoughts about what is actually going on around us and how to come up with a conclusion for the issue at hand. Memory is another significant factor of the thinking process. Memory assist individuals decipher information that has been stored in the short and long term memory. It also assists with processing information in multiple situations and recognizes concepts that has taken place in the past and build our future. The final part of thinking, the medium, is considered the most vital and is the part that transfers into the brain. Language is part of the thinking medium. Without language an individual will be unable to verbalize and/or translate information to recall or to think. Language configures perceptions and is the structure of theory.
As a Crew Leader for the US Census Bureau, there were situations that were far beyond my perception and was completely opposite of the truth. From January to August, there were at least five different operations going on at one time. In some of the neighborhoods we went in to work, some gave us the information we needed, while others…...