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A: If an NCO receives a DUI, it should be specifically mentioned on the NCO-ER. You can not mention any disciplinary action (such as article 15, letter of reprimand) but you can mention the offense that led to that action. Therefore, specifically stating the fact is acceptable and encouraged. For example: o NCO exercised poor judgment by operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol o NCO was cited for driving with blood alcohol content of 1.6 - well above the legal limit of .08

Q: I have a NCO who currently has a profile which prohibits him from taking the APFT. The problem is he is over the weight screening table and does not meet the body fat standards. The NCO-ER indicates 72/232 'NO' and a bullet comment indicating that a doctor has evaluated weight as medical disorder and treatment is pending. The rater checked the 'success' box. The unit has not put the soldier in a weight control program due to the medical condition and states they will not mark 'Needs Improvement.' Is the bullet comment acceptable and can the NCO be rated as 'success?'
A: The correct entry is '72/232 NO.' The bullet should state something to the effect as the following: o soldier has a confirmed medical disorder which resulted in the overweight condition; soldier is not currently enrolled in an overweight program due to medical diagnosis

As far as whether to check 'SUCCESS' or 'NEEDS IMPROVEMENT,' that is the rater's call. If the rater feels strongly that the only reason for the overweight is the medical condition, then he may elect to check 'SUCCESS.' However, the 'NO' must remain in the top portion with the bullet comment explaining it.
: A NCO took an APFT in Jan 01 and failed. Before the 90 day window was up for the retest, the soldier received a profile (Apr 01) preventing the retest. The recovery period for the profile extended beyond the end date of...

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