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Social Networks: A blessing or a curse?
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. All common names that you all know and love and probably use every day. But I’m here today to ask you all one question. Are social networks a blessing or a curse? I bet that almost none of you here today have ever even thought about these social networks being anything but a blessing. Well, now is the time to start, because believe it or not, social networks could be more trouble than they’re worth.
Now don’t get me wrong, I think social networks are great. I mean who doesn’t love wasting their lives with their faces stuck to a screen just to see what their next door neighbour had for tea? Okay, okay, I do have to admit that social networks do have their up sides. For example, they can help you keep in contacts with your friends that you see every day. They can also help you to forget about all of your responsibilities and make sure that you never get anything productive completed.
Our whole generation has become oblivious to the world around them because they are constantly checking their mobile devices to get updates on what their friends are thinking. That must mean that there is something good about social networking sites. Oh, I know. It must be the fact that since there has been a rise in popularity of social networks, there has also been a rise in the rates of depression amongst teenagers due to the amount of cyberbullying. That’s great isn’t it?
So why do we love these social networks so much? And why do we constantly choose to stay indoors when we could be outside making memories and having fun day after day after day? I’d like to hope that the answer was something valid and acceptable like, it will one day end world hunger or we are trying to find the cure for cancer. However, unfortunately it isn’t. It’s nothing along those lines, in fact the real reason we spend this amount of times on social networks is because for some strange reason, the human race can’t stop watching cat videos.
So to answer my question, are social networks a blessing or a curse? I would have to say that they neither a true blessing or a true curse. To the golden oldies a curse is what they would call them, they didn’t have them back in their day so why have them now? But to all of you cat lovers out there, I think I can safely say that you are thanking god for the invention of social networks.

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