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Going through the values of Access Bank, it felt like I was writing out my own values, only from a differentperspective as an individual and not a corporate body. Although there may be differences in the execution of her activities to meet up with her values, I actually do see an alignment in the values of the bank and mine. Comparing her values with mine one after the other would highlight the alignments between Access Bank and me.
First in the list of values of Access Bank is leadership; just as the bank sees leadership as a very important value, I also see it as a part of me. Access Bank wants to be a leading bank in Africa and I have always exhibited the traits of a leader in family and academic environment. Been born into a position that has many responsibilities assigned to it, it became mandated upon me to execute my leadership position adequately. Being the first daughter in my family has given me the opportunity to experience leadership at the lowest level, which is that of the family.During my secondary education, the story was not different as I found myself holding the mantle of leadership in every class until I finally became the senior prefect in S.S.2. These positions were properly handled and I carried out my duties as a leader judiciously. Despite how hard I tried not to involve myself with any activities in the university, I was still required to help run one activity or the other because of my experience with leadership, they were all successfully achieved. The story was not any different in my participation during my National Youth Service Programme at both The Local Government and place of primary assignment.
Secondly on the value of excellence, it is no surprise that I have been found to excel in all I do. Access Bank strives to excel amongst other banks in the country, while I have been noted for...

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