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Nebraksa Nursinf Practice Act

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The Nursing Practice Act is rules and regulations that govern nurses. The Nursing Practice Act applies to all states. However, each state nursing guidelines varies. I will compare two states for you. I will take my home state of Nebraska and Colorado and compare the differences of the Nursing Practice Act.
Nebraska nursing practice act defines nursing practice as “the practice of nursing means those activities requiring judgment and skill based upon a systematized body of nursing knowledge.” Nursing care is provided care for immediate does not constitute as nursing practice. The scope of practice for the state of Nebraska is to assure safe and competent practice to protect the health, safety, and welfare of Nebraska. “In the practice of nursing, professional issues and practice questions arise that require the nurse to apply education, experience and professional judgment and to be legally responsible and accountable for the outcomes(s).” On April 14, 2016 the Nebraska Board of Nursing School adopted a Decision-Making Model for deciding the RN/LPN Scope of Practice.
The State of Nebraska defines advance practice are nurses that have achieved their Advance Practiced Registered Nurse-Nurse Practitioner (APRN-NP) degree. Most APRN-NP have either a master or a doctoral degree in nursing. “APRN-NPs practice in collaboration and consultation with physicians and other health care practitioners.” Additionally, the have are eligible for controlled substance registration. This meaning they are able to prescribe prescription medication.
Nebraska disciplinary actions “limitations imposed by compact. (1) In order to effectuate the transition into compact administration, the board shall require all licensees entering into or becoming subject to an order of probation or other disciplinary action that limits practice or requires monitoring to agree, as of the date of the order, not to practice in any other state which is a party to the Nurse Licensure Compact during the term of such probation or disciplinary action without prior authorization from the other party state.” Any party subject to disciplinary action such as revocation, suspension, probation which impacts the licensee's authorization to practice, on the effective date of entering the compact, is not entitled to a multistate license privilege while such disciplinary action is in effect unless practice in another state is authorized by this state and any other state in which the licensee wishes to practice.

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