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Necessity of Cell Phones in Teenagers’ Lives

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In today’s day and age, almost every teenager has a cell phone. People are starting to think about whether or not cell phones are a necessity. I for one believe that cell phones are not necessary in teenagers’ lives. Teenagers can contact one another with different technologies, not strictly using cell phones. Cell phones in the hands of teenagers are known to be tools for distraction and can sometimes lead to teenagers behaving in reckless ways. The fact that not all teenagers have a cell phone also proves that it is not a necessity. These are the main reasons as to why I believe cell phones are not necessary for teenagers. The main purpose of having a cell phone is to either text or talk to people. You can easily replace the texting purpose of a phone by social networking on a computer. You don’t need a cell phone to relay text messages to somebody. This can be done through Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and many other social networking sites, even through email. The talking feature of cell phones can be easily replaced with home phones, which most people have anyway. If cell phones were the only way to reliably communicate with people, then teenagers would have a necessity for cell phones. However, this is not the case and so it is clear that they are not a necessity for teenagers. There have been many news reports over the years that show the dangers of cell phones in the hands of teenagers. Some examples are texting while driving, and spreading vicious rumours about classmates. One less dangerous negative effect of cell phones are that they are very distracting, and often teenagers get caught up in talking, texting, and communicating with their friends over social networking sites that they forget to give importance to other things in life. People who rely heavily on their phones sometimes even say that they are “addicted” to their cell phones, this shows that...

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