Negative Effects of Domestic Violence on Children

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Recent studies in the United States show that almost half of the children who had witnessed domestic violence or been physically assaulted , gets injured during these incidents. It can be defined as the misuse of power and an excessive act of control. It is possible that children get injured accidentally because they get caught in the violence which is usually directed at their mothers or they may be the victims of serious levels of physical punishment as well. After studying 1,888 child protection records authorities found that 27% of the cases was about domestic violence in the family (Gibbons, 1995). At an extreme level, physical abuse will cause death. A study of 30 child death examination exposed a strong combination between domestic violence and fatal child abuse (James,M. 1994). Another important effect of domestic violence on children’s experiences is social, such as separation from their community, family and friends, changing schools and often losing their homes with theirs possessions. Children who witnessed domestic violence have significantly more frequent behavioural problems and emotional disturbance than children who are not in an abusive environment. Researches all over the world imply that domestic violence affects children in many more ways and causes physical, behavioural and psychological problems.
In the past two decades, there has been growing recognition of the of domestic violence in the society. Moreover, it has become obvious that some children are at greater risk for victimization than others. Domestic violence has negative effects on individuals, families, and society in general. Domestic violence consists of physical, sexual and psychological abuse, and abuse to property. (Ganley, 1989). Being exposed to this kind of violence has a striking potential to be…...