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Negative Motivation in Professional Life

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Motivational Technique- Positive and Negative
Motivation – literally defined as “ provide (someone) with a reason to do something , is an effective tool used by todays managers to move the employee to achieve the organizational goals. Motivation can be positive where a good performance is rewarded and thus it acts to reinforce good or high performance behavior. Negative motivation on the other hand is a when a person performs an act in order to avoid undesirable consequences of his action.
Negative motivation although stress producing are more effective at times , say for example when a doctor tells a smoker that he is going to die of cancer in a few months’ time unless he quits smoking, there is a higher chance that the smoker does all that he can do to quit smoking in order to avoid the undesired consequence. However this motivation technique is effective as in the smoker’s case in professional life too it can be effectively used but over use of this technique indiscriminately often does more harm than good.
Firstly although effective at times in getting a sharp stimulus and move a person out of his inertia negative motivation is not sustainable as positive motivation is. The employee who feels pushed when his boss uses negative motivation may initially enjoy the push and the ensuing challenge that he faces to perform. But in the long run his subconscious memory builds a negative emotion towards his boss hence affecting the team dynamics in the long run. Positive motivation on the other hand is sustainable and lasts longer even without a continuous stimulus.
In my personal experience I have seen that negative motivation works well with people who have the capability to excel in a task but are not fired up enough to give it their maximum whereas positive motivation works well when people need to improve their capabilities to perform a particular task. Hence it...

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