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Negative Of Consumerism

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Moreover, consumerism is considered as one of the major negative consequences of advertisements on children. With the growth of the internet and the widespread of television, advertisers can substantially target the ears and eyes of young children. Children are attracted to commercials that view goods and services they like and want such as candy and toys. Producing advertisements directed towards children, that indirectly influence their materialistic behavior to increase the sales of the advertised goods and services; is persuasive technique considered used to deceive them. Furthermore, a recent research study was conducted on young children where they were divided into two groups. Empowered children, who can rationally process commercials …show more content…
Bad habits include various aspects that vary from tobacco consumption to mental violence. According to the World Health Organization (2002), “A survey a few years ago found that nearly 80% of American advertising executives from top agencies believed cigarette advertising does make smoking more appealing or socially acceptable to children” (p. 1). Children start by seeing smoking as a socially accepted habit in the short run, which evolves over time into cigarette smoking addiction. Tobacco advertisers want to ensure long-term and loyal customers in order to increase their revenue; accordingly, they pursue young children using different techniques for tobacco consumption since they lack knowledge, awareness, and maturity to develop rational thoughts and actions. Tobacco advertisers use a method called classical conditioning, in which they lead children to relate a specific object such as a character to feelings and emotions in their advertisements. For example, Liu (as cited in Hull, 2004) argues that the Marlboro Man that appears in a tobacco commercial can influence young boys by appearing strong and rough as he smokes tobacco. Moreover, tobacco advertisers can influence children by using cartoon characters as the ones smoking tobacco and showing how it is “cool”. This will change the child’s perception by creating a positive association between specific …show more content…
With the widespread increase of technological advancements, advertisers can easily reach out to children’s senses and negatively influence them. Therefore, parents should be educated and informed about the negative effects of commercials and what it can do to their children. Similarly, the government has to put a limit for the vast expansion of advertisements targeting children in all platforms that children are intact with by establishing strict polices and

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