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Negligence Paper

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Negligence Paper

Amputation Mishap

Varana Stampley


The courts have had difficulty defining the difference between ordinarily and gross negligence: but differences are recognized. `Negligence is the failure or alleged failure on the part of a physician or other healthcare provider to perform a procedure or act in a similar situation as a prudent person would, or would not do in that situation., such as exercised by other reputable physicians treating similar clients in performing a legally recognize duty resulting in foreseeable harm, injury or loss to another. The difference between the two is the measure of the standard of care. Gross negligence is when the reckless provision of healthcare is clearly below the standards of accepted medical practice, either without care for the potential consequences or willful disregard for the rights and or well being of those for whom the duty is being performed. Malpractice refer to negligence or misconduct and is the breech by a member of a profession of a standard of care,. The failure to me standard of care or standard of conduct that is recognized by a profession reaches the level of malpractice, when a patient is injure or damaged because of error. After the 1970’s the number of malpractice suits filed against professionals greatly increase. Most malpractice suits involve doctors, especially surgeons, and other specialist who perform medical procedures with a high degree of risk to their patient. Malpractice is a type of negligence. Malpractice may be, generally, defined as a gross departure from an accepted standard of practice. In other words, the courts should look at the performance of the defendant physician compared to what a reasonably prudent professional would do in a similar circumstance (Journal of Medical Marketing, 2007, p.2) In the case of Mr....

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...Negligence Paper HCS478 September 22, 2014 Amputation Mishap The article of the "Amputation Mishap," located in (Pearson Health Science, 2014) Neighborhood News, season 3 episode 7 is about a 62-year-old gentleman who went into the hospital to have his right leg amputated, but instead the wrong leg was amputated. He received a below the knee amputation of his left leg. The reason that he was having his right leg amputated was because he is diabetic and has poor circulation in his right leg. The surgery did not correct his problem but instead created bigger problems, because he still has the leg with the poor circulation and will most likely still need his right leg amputated. This was a huge mistake that the hospital staff has made. The incident of the wrong leg being amputated is a result gross negligence. This paper will be discussing the difference between negligence, gross negligence, and malpractice. It will also cover my opinion about the situation, deciding whether it was a mishap or negligence, the importance of documentation, the ethical principles that serve as a guide in the nursing practice in this situation, and how documentation should be done to satisfy ethical and legal requirements. For negligence or malpractice to be present there is a couple of things that needs to be proven such as a duty owed to the patient, breach of duty to the patient, foreseeability, causation, injury and damage. In order for there to be negligence, it has to be an......

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...Negligence Paper University of Phoenix Health Law & Ethics Negligence Paper Being a medical professional has many challenges when dealing with direct patient care. Sometimes in the best of circumstances, incidents occur with patients that cause undue harm. This paper will differentiate between negligence, gross negligence, and malpractice. It will also discuss the article “Amputation Mishap; Negligence” from the Neighborhood newspaper. It will discuss the importance of documentation and the ethical principles that would guide my practice as a nurse. Negligence can be defined as the failure to use reasonable care that a reasonably prudent person would exercise in like circumstances. (West, 1998). Negligence occurs when a medical health professional fails to perform his or her duties with the patient in question. If a nurse fails to give medications as ordered, and as a result the patient's condition worsens or he dies, the nurse may be found negligent. If a nurse has inadequate nursing skills or fails to pay attention to tasks, it may result in a suit of negligence against a nurse who fails to provide approved standards of care. A good nurse knows their duties and has good communication between the patient and the physician. The nurse knows board regulations and practices within legal guidelines. Gross negligence can be defined as a conscious and voluntary disregard of the need to use reasonable care which is likely to cause foreseeable grave injury......

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