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Negotiations Strategy Article Analysis

Negotiations Strategies
Integrative strategy is a process that allows both parties to maximize their objectives within their proposed deal. Using this type of strategy allows both parties involved to walk way from the table with the sense that they have both come out on top and have lost nothing in return. This is referred to as a win-win situation unlike that of the distributive bargaining. Either party in integrative bargaining has to lose anything in order to achieve their ultimate goal in the deal. In this bargaining strategy, both parties need to be willing to come to the table with an open mind and voice all of their information that they have.
Distributive negotiation is the process in a deal or transaction where the parties are trying to divide something up into that of a smaller piece or section. Both parties involved want to achieve something in the process but are more like not to want to take a little loss to achieve their goals. This is also known in business as a win-lose situation. This type of strategy or process is also not good for long term relationship in business like that of integrative bargaining where the parties involved would like to continue to do business and have a investment that will be long term.
Both integrative and distributive strategies can be used within the workplace, depending on the nature of negotiations and the line of business. In some cases, there are businesses that will always be long term and short term. From my experience in the finance business, the integrative strategy works best in most cases.
In lending money, a business wants to achieve a few goals. First, making the customer feel as if they have come to a place that can meet their financial needs and help them in their time of need when other places can’t. Secondly, for the business…...