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Neighborhood Watch Proposal

Neighborhood Watch Proposal

Introduction A Neighborhood Watch Program is a community-implemented program that assists with preventing crime. This program was started in the 1970’s by the National Sheriff’s Association to encourage members of various communities to observe and report on suspicious activities within their neighborhoods. The Neighborhood Watch Program’s purpose is to improve safety within a neighborhood. Providing a study on communities that are utilizing the Neighborhood Watch Programs will give insight into a neighborhood that should be able to come together to fight against crime and attempt to retake their community from criminals. This proposal will promote some level of self-involvement within a community to fight against crime. This proposal will also provide information on how individuals can strategically identify the problems within their community and provide a way to address the issues at hand. Furthermore, this proposal will demonstrate how individuals can fight against the crime in their neighborhood and become more proactive in achieving a better quality of life for themselves and others.

The Purpose of the Program The proposal for a neighborhood watch program will elaborate on how a community-based program will educate the community on how to protect themselves and others against crime. The community must be willing to learn to take proactive approaches and act on addressing local concerns by minimizing crime-related problems and deter potential offenders. The Neighborhood Watch program will help its members increase self-empowerment, attain a better sense of security, and establish a positive relationship with law enforcement agencies. By doing a study on two separate communities, this proposal will show the effectiveness of the program based on two different areas. Our team’s focus is to provide research on two neighborhoods within the Los Angeles area. One city has implemented a strong neighborhood watch program, while another area has had minimal support regarding an effective neighborhood watch program. The success of a neighborhood watch program depends on the presence of two things: the participation and dedication of the residents and the exchange of information being received (Neighborhood, 2009). The Formation of a Neighborhood Watch Webster defines a neighborhood watch as an organized group of citizens devoted to crime and vandalism prevention within in one’s neighborhood (2009). When residents decide to participate in their neighborhood watch program they should have a clear understanding of the multiple factors that may intimidate an individual from coming forward or even assisting with preventing crime within their neighborhood. Currently, many areas have established a neighborhood watch program based on suspicious or deviant behavior, burglary, and car theft. One element present in a neighborhood watch program is that a person schedules monthly meetings. Guest speakers attend to speak with other community members and residents. Once this step has been established, members within the community will then appoint an individual to represent the community and facilitate questions the residents may have before, during, and after the meeting. This individual may also be responsible for preparing flyers to hand out informing the residents on future neighborhood watch meetings. The flyers will also keep the residents abreast on any recent developments and provide information on how individuals can be a part of improving their neighborhood overall. Neighborhood watch meetings may be held in places such as a local high school gym, a community center, or even in a resident’s home.

The Benefits of a Neighborhood Watch Program Resource programs implemented through a neighborhood watch would be beneficial to public safety and help to unite citizens with public safety officials. The two groups would have the opportunity to work together and combine their individual strengths and knowledge. This joining of the two would help to improve the lifestyle within the community and allow for issues occurring in these urban areas to be addressed. Assistance from the police department would also help the effectiveness of the program because law enforcement would build a partnership with the community’s members. Residents of the community will have more faith in the safety of their neighborhood as well as restore their faith in the police officers working with them. Other departments play an active role within the neighborhood watch programs; the department of transportation, the fire department, city council, and animal control departments. If these departments would unite and accept responsibility in eliminating and decreasing the crime issues within the community, residents’ fears would be reduced and they would aid in improving the quality of life significantly. The residents in the community will eventually start to view the city and public safety officers as being trustworthy. Residents will see problems in the surrounding neighborhoods diminish. Also, city officials and city workers will become more involved and become more aware of the issues at hand. If the community were to propose a neighborhood watch program that offers resourceful agencies that would provide its members and residents the knowledge, others would be more inclined to become involved. A neighborhood watch program will provide alternative options to utilize when emergency situations occur. This program is the least costly way to prevent crime and in the interim could also be the most effective, depending on the participation of the community as well as law enforcement. Neighborhood Watch Survey

At the start of a neighborhood watch meeting each member was given a survey to answer 5 questions regarding their neighborhood and the type of crimes that occur in the community. Community members from the two divisions answered the questions below and provided their opinion regarding their neighborhood. .

On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being great and 1 being poor complete the following survey.

1. How safe do you feel in the comfort of your home? 2. How would you rate the crime level in your neighborhood? 3. How would the community feel in assisting to prevent crime? 4. Do you think that a neighborhood watch program will help your community? 5. How reliable do you think that a neighborhood watch program will be affective for the neighborhood?

Conclusion Our team firmly believes forming a neighborhood watch program could be intimidating to the community but, with participation and dedication of its residents it could be a beneficial and empowering tool. If residents are armed with knowledge, resources, and useful information, they can join forces with law enforcement agencies to help combat crime. Residents can experience firsthand how they can take an active role in ensuring that their community is a becoming a better place to live and raise a family. Currently, it is imperative that people within all communities stay involved in making their neighborhoods and surrounding communities a safer place. If individuals wait for others to handle the ongoing issues of crime and there will never be any resolve. It takes a multitude of loyal and dedicated people who are focused on winning the fight against crime to make this happen.

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