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Nero was an emperor in rome from AD 54 to AD 68. He was only emperor because his mother tricked emperor Caligula into adopting Nero so that he would become emperor over his blood son Britannicus who was younger than Nero when he died, and then killed him. Nero’s mother thought she would have Caligula’s son as a backup in case Nero got out of hand but Nero killed him shortly after becoming emperor. Nero killed a lot of people for little to no reason during his reign, including his own mother after several failed attempts of trying it discretely for going against him and undermining him. Along with killing he also had a lot of other issues according to the reading like orgies, mistresses and killing killing people for one thing but saying it was for something else. Nero was said to have followed his predecessors leading style. It seems from the reading that as long as you did not wrong Emperor Nero in any way or get on his bad side that everything would have been ok for you. He was a young emperor though took over the throne at what seems to be 18 years old far too young in my opinion to be leading entire empires but this was a different time so i guess it was different thinking back then. Nero was looked down upon because he liked to entertain, he thought he could sing and didn't think it to be wrong so he performed his talents and made it to where no one could leave the theatre while he was performing. People went as far as to play dead to get out of his performances, females faked labor to get out of his performances. There was also a rumor that Nero stood on the rooftops and sung “Destruction of Troy” while the great fire destroyed 10 districts of the city where he built his “Golden Palace” . Nero’s life came to an end at his own hand in AD 68 when he found out that his life would be taken by the senate. His last words were “What an artist the world loses in...

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...Adrienne Cormier World Civilizations Kara Patton March 22, 2016 Emperor Nero Lucius Domitius Ahenobarbus, aka Nero as he is more widely known was the 5th emperor of Rome in the first century. Nero was also the last emperor of the Julio-Claudian dynasty taking the thrown at age 17. This eccentric tyrannical ruler was born in 37 A.D. to Agrippina who was the great granddaughter of the emperor Augustus. After Nero’s bio father died his mother married the emperor Claudius who just happened to be her uncle! Claudius ended up naming Nero as his successor over his own son with a little persuasion from Nero’s mom, as part of the deal Nero would take Claudius daughter as his wife! Nero adopted the name Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus and took the thrown in 52 A.D. His mother was a very domineering factor in his life and tried to steer the way of his rule as well as his person affairs. Nero was quite the womanizer that went on to have several affairs including an open affair with a slave woman. Agrippina protested heavily on all of them. He first banished her from the palace and eventually unsatisfied with this had her murdered. At first Nero was considered a good reasonable leader it wasn’t until the later years of his reign around 59 A.D that he went insane. He had put in many good reforms such as lowering taxes and did away with capital punishment. Nero supported athletics and art culture above gladiator events. Although he was known for his wondering eye and...

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