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.Net and Java Technology Comparison

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.NET & Java Comparsion Activity
Zeferino Reyes
CSS - 422
December 12, 2011
Nasser Alaeddine

.NET & Java Comparison Activity In this written document will focus on the advantages and disadvantages or the use of .NET technology in use compared to the use of JAVA Technology as Software Architecture, (University of Phoenix, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005). .NET technology is the means to “connect” meaning connecting software, people, structures, things like printers, networks, computers, anything one can think of, (, 2004-06). JAVA Technology is known to be adaptable where it can connect computers to networks, mobile phones to the internet, and game consoles such as the new Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and Nintendo Wii to the internet to access web browsing, built in plug in like Netflix to watch movies, and to other consoles for online gaming like the popular shooter Call of Duty. Advantages of .NET technologies are that it has the ability to grab internet servers that web services and tools such as internet apps or anything that can produce these services. One profitable feature of .NET is its technologies that allows for the making of additional websites and net services that exist on the .NET infrastructure, (, 2004-06). Another powerful advantage of .NET technology is the ASP feature is that it creates construction sites, services and applications and does not require as much coding as the older coding in the beginning. A disadvantage of the use of .NET is its lack of support on several platforms or multiplatform to be exact. Another disadvantage is which can be very detrimental is that .NET can be reverse engineered meaning the code can be reversed and basically the code copied just rewritten. With technology in several aspects existing everywhere, mobile phones, televisions, receivers, blue tooth, computers etc., not many platforms can support .NET technology. Advantages of using JAVA technologies is it versatility, efficiency, and portability and it is also the highest use technology in existence, (Oracle, 1995, 2010). One true advantage of JAVA utilizing its portability function is the software can be coded on one platform and the ability for the software to be run on any other platform is a definite. Like .NET, JAVA also has the ability to be run on web services, and web browsers, (Oracle, 1995, 2010). A tremendous advantage of JAVA is the simplicity of the code; programs can easily be written and debugged if any errors arise in running the written code. With the existence of malicious hackers those wanting to cause harm on the internet and personal computers, JAVA is one of the first programming languages that took into consideration to include security embedded. Disadvantages of JAVA technologies with its embedded security and ability to run on several platforms negatively the speed of the program is tagged as a disadvantage. Another disadvantage viewed on JAVA is its lack to convert .class files to java files, this is most likely done to reverse engineer code and when done the code being perplexing. In conclusion, as defined in the beginning the advantages and disadvantages in the technology of .NET and JAVA technologies were briefly described. .NET having good advantages like connecting software, structures, people and devices. Included advantages of JAVA with the ability to easily write code, and if needed the debugging feature is not complicated. One disadvantage of JAVA is its inability to convert .class files to java files, which is due to trying to reverse engineer code and when produced the code is perplexed. However if one where to think and process it through this can also be viewed as an advantage. The reason is that a disadvantage of .NET is the ability to reverse engineer the code and basically the code is copied, but the true advantage would be that JAVA cannot convert .class files to java files and will prevent reverse engineering and will protect ones valuable coding in existence. References (2004-06). .NET Technology. Retrieved from
Oracle. (1995, 2010 ). Learn About Java Technology. Retrieved from
University of Phoenix. (2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005). BSA385 Course Syllabus. Retrieved from University of Phoenix, CSS422 – Software Architecture Website.

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