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Net101 Chapter 1 Case Projects

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Chp. 1 Case Projects

Case Project 1-1 – Since there would be 18 people connected to the network, I would use a server-based network because it would be easier to set up which users can access which part of the server. It would be centralized and much easier to edit permissions rather than having to go to each of the 18 computers and do it manually, especially if some users will be taken off or put on projects at the snap of some fingers.

Case Project 1-2 – I would use a peer-to-peer internetwork since this would be the cheapest and easiest for CNT Books to use. We would need to buy Ethernet cables and a router. We would also need to give the computers names/addresses.

Case Project 1-3 – Would it be inefficient to have a huge internetwork? I’d probably go with a huge internetwork, but we’d definitely have to buy some more routers and cables. Although I’m not sure if network communication would be inefficient, since it’s only four floors’ difference, would attenuation become a problem?

Case Project 1-4 – I’d use a WPAN to connect my PDA and GPS, or Bluetooth if available.

Case Project 1-5 – Network interface card: NIC. Provides the hardware interface between a computer and a network; connects to either an Ethernet network or a wireless network. Hub: An Ethernet hub, active hub, network hub, repeater hub or hub is a device for connecting multiple twisted pair or fiber optic Ethernet devices together and making them act as a single network segment. Hubs work at the physical layer (layer 1) of the OSI model. Switch: A network switch is a small hardware device that joins multiple computers together within one local area network (LAN). Technically, network switches operate at layer two (Data Link Layer) of the OSI...

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