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Voice Traffic

Joseph Stozek

DeVry University

When thinking about WLAN technology there are many benefits that seem to make it a great and upcoming aspect in the networking world. Providing support for voice communications, telephone traffic is a big benefit of that. The WLAN is also a great benefit because it supports both data and voice traffic, making it less money because the two are combined. They offer all types of new applications and different types as well. Wireless PDA’s are a type of advantage to the WLAN as well. They make accessing voice and data much easier to access and more viable to use (Geier, 2003). When looking into disadvantages there are a few of those as well. They were not designed for streaming media, and will cause congestion in the network. Another big problem would be voice mobility. Since most phone users are much better at being more mobile than data users, it causes a problem as well. Most people have an easier chance when they are moving around talking, then they are at texting. It is so much easier sometimes to talk, than it is to type. A person can easily tell each other what is on there mind in a few minutes, when it might take a few more minutes to try and type it out. Time can easily be saved in just talking on the phone. Security over the WLAN would be a big disadvantage as well. So many people try and hack people over their wireless networks all the time. If you do nothing about making your computer secure, or your network secure, you probably might get your networked hacked. You have to always try and secure your networks (Ellis, 2003). When you look to try and fix these disadvantages, there are many different ways to handle these problems. While you try and deal with congestion in the media, you need to find out ways to decongest it. You can do this by not sending too much data over the internet or by not streaming too many videos. When you look at mobility, you can try and change the way you use your WLAN. If you want to use your mobile phone while getting on the internet or use your WLAN you should just sit somewhere and do it, instead of always trying to be on the run. Talking is so much easier to do, but you can make data a lot easier as well by choosing the way you use it wisely. Security is a big issue. You can always secure your network better. Whether you put encryption on it, or buy you a security suite from various different companies you can do more. Most people try and use better encryption methods nowadays, especially if you know what you’re doing. Others just buy antivirus software thinking they are automatically protected since they bought the software. In conclusion, WLAN is a very interesting technology and the way VoIP implements it into their systems is pretty amazing. It will combine both data and voice traffic so that you will spend less money on your network. Voice traffic is a big issue on the WLAN. You can have problems with mobility, security, and how congested your network really is. If you do not take the right precautions in fixing these things, it can mess up your network.


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