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Ping Sweeps and Port Scans

Ashlee Jackson

Devry University


Port scans are used to find which ports are open and show what may possibly be running on the target machine(s) from the ping sweep. The intruder will send specially formatted data packets to the ports to get more information, such as: operating system, running applications, etc. This still is not a direct threat, but the intruder is slowly grabbing information that will reveal the vulnerabilities within the computer. When created, the intruder can gain access to the target machine and destroy the target from the inside. Once an open port is found and vulnerable, an average programmer can

Ping Sweeps and port scans are something that every network will most likely have happen to it at some point. While these two things themselves are not intrusive to your network, they can uncover holes or vulnerabilities in your network that can be exploited and used for malicious behavior

It is safe to say that any large network at some point has been probed by something like a port scan or a ping sweep. These types of probes should not be taken lightly. They can be used to uncover certain vulnerabilities in your network and be used as ways to gain access.

The use of computers in this generation has been a necessity. A lot of companies depend on computers to operate their business which is why it is essential to learn the different threats that other people could use to attack their business. New technologies are on the rise these days and the knowledge that people have about computers can be accessed easily on the internet. Different kind of hackers can get access to people’s computers easily with the necessary knowledge and devices. People need to be aware of these kinds of threat and help them by...

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