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Network Mechanisms

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Network Mechanisms

This paper will define and describe the differences in mechanisms that make up a network system. It will include topologies and connection mediums, as well as the advantages and disadvantages associated with these network mechanisms. Topologies and connection mediums that will be addressed are the following:
• Mesh
• Bus
• Ring
• Star
Connection Mediums:
• Ethernet
• Token Ring
• Wireless

Mesh Topology A mesh topology consists of two types, full mesh and partial mesh. Full mesh topology interconnects all systems to each other. This allows for redundancy if one connection is severed. With partial mesh topology only some workstations are interconnected to other computer systems while; others are only connected with systems that an exchange of data occurs (Mitchell, 2011). The advantages and disadvantages of a mesh topology are:
Advantages: Disadvantages:
Provides redundant paths between systems Time and material to implement
The network can be expanded without disruption to current users. Cost to implement (many connections)
Dedicated links for transmitting data Complicated implementation

Bus Topology
A bus topology uses a common backbone that directly connects each system. The backbone consists of a single cable that all transmissions are sent across by the systems that are attached (Mitchell, 2011). The advantages and disadvantages of a bus topology are:
Advantages: Disadvantages:
Easy to implement Potential performance problems with many systems connected
Low cost to implement One point of failure, backbone cable
Redundancy for systems, if one fails the rest will function. Cable length limitation

Ring Topology The ring topology connects all devices onto one cable within a closed loop configuration. Each system is connected to the adjacent system for communications (Mitchell,...

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