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Neuroscience Is the Study of the Human Nervous

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Neuroscience is the study of the human nervous system, the brain, and the biological basis of consciousness, perception, memory, and learning. The nervous system and the brain are the physical foundation of the human learning process. Each of our brain cells can grow up to 20 dendrites, which store millions of pieces of information. These dendrites also affect our acquisition and loss of behaviors. Neuroscience links our observations about cognitive behavior with the actual physical processes that support such behavior. It is currently theorized that the cortex of the human brain is made up of two sides: the left "scholastic brain"; and the right "creative brain". Each side is joined by a corpus callous which sends millions of messages between the left and right sides. The more you use both sides together, the easier it is to learn. These messages make up the construct we call learning, and when engaging in reading, a students' brain uses both sides. Counselors who can find a way to stimulate these cortexes can help facilitate Therapy in clients. Cognitive neuroscience is a relatively new field of research, and as it is further explored, more educational implications of this field will certainly develop. At its most basic, learning is the process of acquiring memory, but complex neurological processes must take place to transfer newly acquired information to the long-term memory bank, where it can be stored for later use in novel ways. The brain actually has multiple memory systems that have specialized occupations. For example, the motor-memory system comes into play for developing physical skills such as walking, softball or other sports, and also has an effect on learning. Children raised in poverty, with limited aptitude in English, speech and hearing impairments, or from homes where little reading takes place are especially at-risk for having lower self -esteem.…...

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