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Never Give Up Your Dream


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Here is an interview for Dr. Jimmy Adegoke who works in department of geosciences, and he is a climatologist whose research emphasizes the role of the land surface as drivers of weather and climate. I prepared several questions, and the central point I talked with him is what differences between business student and science student. I interviewed him in the student union, and his solemn and cautious leave me a deep impression when he put his palms together devoutly. When I finished my self-instruction, he stood up and shook hands with me, but no smile. I felt a little nervous. I told him that I am a business student, and our major is totally different, which is the reason I choose him to be my interviewee. He said his work is complex and complicated because it is not only teach, but also includes some researches about biology and geography, the supervision of master student, participating conference and the community of finical planning. I asked him what the favorite part in his work is. This question seems carried him back, and he paused as if to find a way to phrase his next thoughts. And then, he continued to say that to teach and work with students is his favorite work. He also said to spend a lot of time on research is not his will, and he would like to be with his family if there are 48 hours a day. When he said this I felt a man who has sense of responsibility and loves his family deeply. .To answer the central point of this interview, his response is that business students focus specific problems on their business, and the essential focus of science students is how to combine the theory with practice. At the beginning, I feel a little nervous; however, from the whole interview I find Dr. Jimmy is a friendly and approachable person. Thanks for his time and patient. My last question is what the expectation is for his student.

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