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New Analysis Affordable Healthcare Act

This paper will explore three published news reports on different opinions regarding the new Affordable Health Care reform Obamacare. The analysis will be from three different news channels all regarding the same issue. The report however varies in their opinions for how each new station feels towards the new Affordable Health Care. Fox news does not agree with anything in terms of Obamacare, the station is completely against it and have nothing positive to say in regards to the new plan. MSNBC News on the other hand thinks the new healthcare is great and is working fine. CNN News is in the middle, thinks the new plan could use work, but in the long run thinks it will work out just fine. This paper will examine each news stations to suggest the stations opinions on Obamacare.

Fox News Analysis Obamacare

Fox News has thought Obamacare has been an issue since day one, in recent news they covered a story, “President ignores Obamacare horror stories as human, financial cost pile up”. According to Bent Bozell III (2014 Fox News) the Obama administration and many in the Democratic Parties are trying to peddle the story that Obamacare is now working because the website is functioning better. Fox News claims for each success there are countless failures. The cost of empty promises and outright lies is enormous bit in human and in financial terms. Fox News claims what these people are experiencing is exactly what people have been concerned with all along. Fox feels Obamacare is really Nobamacare.

MSNBC News Analysis Obamacare MSNBC praises the new healthcare reform. In recent news “Obamacare is making a difference and is becoming more efficient in all aspects, especially medicine” According Andy Chiou (2014 MSNBC) “Obamacare tends to rely on two metrics: the number of…...

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