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New Horizon 020 (NH020) is a broad based non-partisan, non-profit organization whose mission is to contribute, facilitate, cultivate, and promote solutions for the betterment of the people, businesses, and communities within the City of Bessemer. The organization is dedicated to engaging the business community, civic leaders, elected officials and citizens in a public private partnership to create a more vibrant, livable, healthy and sustainable Bessemer.

NH020 proposes to work with appropriate entities of the City of Bessemer to update the city’s long-range plans for growth and revitalization and to implementation. Serving as the city’s resource for revitalization and redevelopment initiatives, NH020 will:
• Help gain wide-spread support for revitalization efforts from both the public and private sectors;
• Facilitate outreach programs to the citizens to gather their ideas about the city they want to live in;
• Bring business, industry and government leaders together to identify opportunities for market growth;
• Identify opportunities that can stimulate new investments in downtown properties;
• Identify strategies for re-energizing neighborhood business districts;
• Find new economic uses for traditional main street buildings;
• Help develop new financial incentives and capital for building rehabilitation and business development and to maximize existing financial resources;
• Help with the growth and development of existing businesses in the city of Bessemer.

Engaging strategic partnerships, NH020 will develop programs in these areas.
• Education – to enhance education and enrichment opportunities for high school students by focusing on mentoring, tutoring, and hands-on experiences; after school programs and youth development programs. NH020 will work in partnership with the Bessemer school system, local higher education institutions, and local businesses to create opportunities where students can correlate academics and real world experience.
• Health – provide health education opportunities (e.g., health and wellness fairs) for citizens; work with other community groups on events like runs and walks, support community farmers markets; etc.
• Community and Neighborhood Development – revitalization efforts; arts and culture; farmers markets; affordable housing initiatives. Help build a more sustainable and livable community. This includes working with the Red Rock Ridge and Valley Trail System on building walking trails, bike lanes, parks, etc. Create pedestrian friendly environment (downtown and in the neighborhoods). Walk to school programs.
• Civic Engagement – encourage citizens to get involved in improving their community and making it a place they want to live.
NH020 embraces eight (8) guiding principles:

• Citizens as the most valuable resource:
• Identify neighborhood priorities:
• Perform asset building initiatives:
• Establish short term and the long term goals:
• Achieve neighborhood cohesiveness and consensus:
• Coordinate efforts local government, non-profits, and private partners:
• Attract synergy and investment to targeted neighborhoods:
• Assist neighborhoods in the planning process:

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