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SETTING UP NEW IIT’S AND IIM’S Today the topic on which we are going to focus is now a day very trended, very exceptional and very tremendous. Keeping the promise made in its election manifesto, the BJP-led government announced five new IITs and IIMs, allocating Rs 500 crore for the move. The government will also set up four new All India Institutes of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) in the country. There is an over 12 per cent increase in the overall allocation for education and has risen from Rs 74,000 crore in 2013-14 to Rs 83,000 crore and for that, to get higher education government has plan to set up new IIT’s and IIM’s. The five new IITs will come up in Jammu, Chhattisgarh, Goa, Andhra Pradesh and Kerala. Five new IIMs are proposed to be set up in Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Bihar, Orissa and Rajasthan; the sates already have an IIT each. The four new AIIMS will be in Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal, Vidarbha and Purvanchal in Maharashtra. Apart from these many other states had demanded for IIT’s, IIM’s & NIT’s. Andhra Pradesh is learnt to have already indicated that they would want the IIT in Tirupati while Kerala is said to have even managed to get over 200 acres of land around Thiruvananthapuram for its long awaited IIT.
But before moving ahead what do you think friends? Should there be any new IIT’s or IIM’s? We only hear only few professions, engineer, and doctor since our childhood, during school, during college and even now we are hearing these few professions. Is there no other profession in India, very limited professions?
I doubt whether opening of new IITs and IIMs will improve the situation of employability of growing population of youth. I think these will double the confusion among the youth. Again only few among the lacks will be given chance to get admission in IIT and IIMs.

I raise question whether only these few hand full of graduates/post graduate students will participate in the growth activity of economy. What about a large portion of youth who will not be selected in IIT's and IIM's. They will be like burden to the economy and will keep on increasing year after year. Don't we have other institutes in India? Only IIT and IIM. Yes, we have lot of education institutions. Even govt don't trust on these institutions in terms of generating skill equipped youth, that's why need is felt to open new IITs and IIMs. Why don't we improve the existing one rather than opening new? As our basic education is poor, why don't we look at root level, why don't we improve our primary and secondary education? By opening IITs and IIMs we are reducing the importance of other institutions as well at the same time, a sheer wastage of what efforts been made so far. How every youth who has graduated whether from arts, science, civics, social science, economics, management etc be made participative in the economic growth of our country rather than involving few participants (IITians or IIMs) who eschew the role of other and also the employment and give very less to country if to look in terms of quantity. What to those students who pass from IIT or IIM, sometime they leave country to serve other country or change their professions later in life. Only minimal of these actually contribute to the nation. What is role of these institutions in serving nation then, just to create another creed of IITians & IIMians to sell outside? Need is to think differently and by taking each group in mind.
Need is to provide clear vision to the youth by highlighting each profession suiting their interest/talent rather than luring them by shiny few institutions catering to few interest/talent holder. I myself find in a situation that I am not able to think what to do next. The shine or brightness of these few professions are so much that my own true interest got blurred and I don't know where can I go to pursue my interest, other professions got blurred or get tiny with less or no earning prospect in future.

Need is to get the students aware of what profession they can choose in future if they pursue particular subject of their interest (whether arts, science, philosophy, management, economics etc). It will provide confidence of doing what they are doing instead of confusion, whether this course or subject will help me to earn my living in future. I believe students don't posses all the information regarding the future professions or availability of jobs. For that there should be separate department in every school to guide them properly (whether Govt or private schools) or institution equipped with all information about the professions available in our society and the degree of securability. Govt has to come forward for the securability of each profession. Need is to bring confidence among youth that whatever they do will help secure their living in future rather uncertainty in future.

I will repeat again, stop creating these selling brands like IIM(management) or IIT(technology) just to lure the population or catering to few areas. Encouraging two three areas will encroach upon other areas which will result in huge wastage.

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