New Moon

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New Moon is the second book that integrates part of the Twilight Saga written by Stephenie Meyer.
Definitely a book that can steal more than a tear.
The story is well known for the films that have come out, but definitely the book is a totally different experience.

It all begins with Bella's 18th birthday, the protagonist. Its not a very good day for her because she ages older than Edward, her boyfriend. Although Bella does not want celebrate her birthday, Edward and his sister Alice, which become friends in Twilight, the first book in the series, manage to convince her to go to the Cullen house. Bella's birthday ends in a disaster when Bella cuts her finger opening a gift. This bleeding makes Jasper uncontrollable and attacks her, however he doesn’t get close enough to bit her.
Edward gets to the conclusion that Bella would be better off without him, so he leaves a dramatic message saying: ITWILL AS IF I'D NEVER EXISTED. Bella goes into an intense depression that last a few months where she does not want to spend time with anyone, she just thinks about Edward 24 hours a day.

During those months she resigns and begins to approach Jacob, feeling a little comfort to her pain. With him she did very dangerous things, but everything had a reason, she so masochistic that every time she risked her life she would hear the voice of her beloved Edward.
Jacob was about to become the Bella's best friend when he started to ignore her calls. Unable to understand what happens, she starts to get depress again, until she decides to go to La Push to find out what happened to the beautiful friendship she had with him.

In this little journey she finds out by Jacob’s friends that she is being stalked by a vampire seeking revenge by killing her, well she also discovers that his friend Jacob is a wolf, then she gets hurt because he didn't trust her…...