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Hello Class, My name is

The main posts should be at 200-300 words and each of the two minimum required peer posts should be around 100 words. No more one-liners please!!
Also, remember to include supporting references in APA format and citations from those references within the body of your discussions, properly formatted using APA style.
My experience with LAN's is minimal. I have never worked in a job that requires that from me. The most experience that I have working with, setting up, and maintaining a local area network is with the one I set up at my house. I built mine and my wife's computers and set up a small 4 node network to include 2 desktop computers, 1 laptop, and a router. There is one peripheral device, a printer which is connected to my wife’s computer. As long as my wife's computer is on, we all connect to the printer by means of the network. We also have a cable modem that is connected to our router, so that we can connect to the WAN, or internet.

Much of the knowledge I have attained on networks in general has never come from a formal forum; so I am excited to be able to take a class about LAN technologies. Some of the things I would like to get out of this class are: To be able to differentiate between the different topographies used in businesses today for the most efficient and cost effective ways of setting up a network, a full understanding of how to formally set up a network to include what different protocols are used and how are the important, the understanding of the different means of security measures used in protecting a network, such as firewalls, and how to manipulate the whole LAN. In short, I would like to learn everything I can about local area networks.

In 10 years, I expect that the public sharing of copyrighted files to be even more accepted as the norm in society than it is today. Although it is illegal, as...

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