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New Product Launch Marketing Plan, Part III

New Product Launch Marketing Plan, Part III
Disney’s Frozen products are in the final phase of being launched into theme parks including the upcoming Disneyland in China as well as on its retail industry. When launching a new product a number of factors must be taken into consideration, such as financial considerations, marketing communication, intended marketing objectives for Year 1, Year 2 and Year 3 as well as other factors. Disney’s Frozen products are being launched into a highly competitive industry, thus it is important to use proper marketing strategies to have a successful product launch.
Executive Summary
Disney will launch the Frozen product line in Shanghai, China and Orlando, Florida. Due to the success of the Disney animated movie, Frozen; children have demanded Frozen themed merchandise. The merchandise will include tee shirts, stuffed animals, costumes, dolls, and soundtracks. These items are popular with children and sell consistently. Disney stores have a difficult time keeping up with consumer’s demands. Consumers are waiting in long lines and willing to pay double the cost to purchase the Frozen merchandise. Mattel has sold more than $100 million worth of Frozen toys (Age, 2014).
Situational Analysis
In Florida, Disney’s competitors are Universal Studios, Sea World and Six Flags. These competitors provide some of the same services to consumers. However, only Disney has the Frozen products that children are currently clamoring for. Disney’s target market is children and families. Of concern to Disney in Florida, is knock-off Frozen products. While they look similar, they are of inferior quality and do not have the Disney trademark. The Frozen product line is a Disney exclusive and can only be purchased at the theme park. In Shanghai, the target market is the same as...

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