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Marketing principles and practice

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AZIZ Patricia – GES200317
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Zahleh, 2012

Allow us to thank the various people who contributed to the success of this project.
We would like to thank Mr.Elie KHOURY, who will evaluate our work.

About us:
Tanmia, agricultural development company, was founded in 1972 in Lebanon as a day-old chick producer. In November 1998, Tanmia launched its products and quickly became one of the leading chicken meats processing in the Middle East.
Tanmia is dedicated to the finest practices in boiler farming, poultry processing and further processing; its mission is to provide the consumer with the healthiest and most innovative chicken products ever produced in the Middle East.
Its main objective is to be preferred supplier of branded chicken products in Lebanon and the Middle East, through integrity, creativity and a commitment to quality and excellence.
Tanmia directs all its production facilities towards that end by: * Raising its chicken in hygienic farms safe from contamination * Feeding its chicken all natural, vegetarian feed * Limiting human contact with raw materials and finished products * Handling and packaging professionally to ensure freshness * Labeling the products accurately to protect the consumer’s interest * Catering to its customer needs and requirements

Because we have always met our customers’ expectations and offered them natural poultry, we have decided to introduce a new product customers never thought before Tanmia would introduce: “Froggies”.
Froggies is presented to customers directly, or in restaurants. This product has big advantages, instead of eating exported frogs; customers have the choice of eating…...

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